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Therese L -Sonic Alchemy Sound Healing & Light Body Activation


1000 EGP


90 Mns

About the Course

For one-on-one sessions I use an ancient technique learned by my Nada Yoga Guru in Nepal. Using Himalayan metal bowls on the body, we can access the nervous system and all tissue in the body, including skeletal structure. This is a deep trauma release and I combine it with other instruments, voice and reiki energy techniques for a full cleanse and attunement of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies.

Your Instructor

Therese L - Book here on Whatsapp: +61490497942

Therese L - Book here on Whatsapp: +61490497942

Therese Lowton is a nomadic Lightworker and Alchemist of Transformation originating from Australia. She has been building a conscious community for the past decade and is one of the founders of the Momentum Collective - an international Residency program for Artists & Healers. Therese has developed her practices & offerings from roots in Yoga, Shamanism, Lucid Dreaming, and Plant Medicine. Therese opens channels to create portals for healing and transformation.

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