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Therese L - Masters Pranayama Sequence & Light Body Actuvation


1000 EGP


60 Mns

About the Course

As a private, session we can progress through a Masters Pranayama Sequence taught by my Pranayama Guru in India. This specific technique will cleanse, energise and balance the body in a very profound way and allow you to access deep states of meditation. I may use Sonic Alchemy during these sessions to reach peak states of meditation to access light codes. Allow 1 hour for this session.

Your Instructor

Therese L - Book here on Whatsapp: +61490497942

Therese L - Book here on Whatsapp: +61490497942

Therese Lowton is a nomadic Lightworker and Alchemist of Transformation originating from Australia. She has been building a conscious community for the past decade and is one of the founders of the Momentum Collective - an international Residency program for Artists & Healers. Therese has developed her practices & offerings from roots in Yoga, Shamanism, Lucid Dreaming, and Plant Medicine. Therese opens channels to create portals for healing and transformation.

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