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Radwa Helmy - Shamanic Soul Scanning & Extraction


1850 EGP


90 Mns

About the Course

Soul scanning is a diagnostic technique intended to uncover entanglements we carry within our soul (caused by both ancestral and personal traumas) that hinder our ability to become our best self in this life. The diagnosis is followed by a Shamanic extraction procedure intended to remove targeted blockages and entanglements found within the soul.

Your Instructor

Radwa Helmy - Book here on Whatsapp: +201023406070

Radwa Helmy - Book here on Whatsapp: +201023406070

Radwa is a Spiritual Healer & Coach using a variety of Shamanic tools to diagnose soul blockages and entanglements, applying healing techniques to enable Ancestral Healing, Soul retrieval and re-alignment, Shamanic extraction procedures, Chakra balancing through Shamanic Reiki and access to Past Life (Akashic Records).

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