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Michelle Rounds - The power of your voice


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About the Course

Besides the physical and practical part, Michelle Rounds teaches the answer to the following questions: Learning to love yourself - why? Seeing and understanding the beauty of you: What do others see in me that i don't see? How your attitude and feelings towards yourself impact on your entire existence and how to shift them to support, nurture and empower yourself. How easy it is to attract only those that support and love your essence… this enables the participants to become empowered and have control over what they say and how they say it.

Your Instructor

Michelle Rounds - Book here on Whatsapp: +201093042098

Michelle Rounds - Book here on Whatsapp: +201093042098

Michelle is a Voice instructor, energy healer, and intuitive guide, she, is an established vocalist who uses her experience and inherited 4th generational healing energy to nurture and support all beings using the vibration of Self Love

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