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Elena P
QHHT - Quantum Healing - hypnosis


6500 EGP


4 Hrs

About the Course

Quantum healing hypnosis technique is a powerful past life regression hypnosis that enables unique and personal transformation. Developed and perfected by Dolores Cannon, this healing modality has changed my life and allows me to help many others do the same. Offering an experience in a past life, expands the conscious mind to the subconscious plane where all manner of information can be acknowledged. Often I work with people who feel they are from elsewhere, they can experience multidimensional lives in other realms and have spiritual gifts to integrate into their human reality. That being said, each session unfolds in unexpected ways.

Your Instructor

Elena P - Book here on Whatsapp: +447899642282

Elena P - Book here on Whatsapp: +447899642282

Sound has been Elena's personal medicine. She Offers angelic reiki and the quantum healing hypnosis technique (past life regression) as her foundation. Song allows for emotional energy release and soul alignment. During the process, there is an opportunity to receive spiritual guidance and messages. Working in tandem with the angelic realms opens up channels in the form of sacred prayer.

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