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Chérine Samir - Sound Healing


1000 EGP


90 Mins

About the Course

A process using pure sound and a reflective process to release mental and emotional stresses and limiting beliefs. A typical session would include reflecting on a specific issue and working with pure sound to get insights seeking clearing & resolution of issue in question. What to except:

Emotional balance

Mental clarity

Heightened awareness

Improved sleep

Reduced stress & anxiety

Stringer immune system

And this is just the beginning…

Your Instructor

Chérine Samir - Book here on Whatsapp: +201001003937

Chérine Samir - Book here on Whatsapp: +201001003937

Sound Therapy Practitioner.
Chérine is blessed to have found sound healing on her path to self-knowledge and self-inquiry. The sound became her way through the darkness, her compass in navigating life’s challenges. Chérine is a sound therapy practitioner certified by the British Academy of Sound Therapy. Her sessions weave a deep tapestry of powerful vibration, with intention, awareness, transformation, and healing for all involved. Embodying the healing power of sound, Chérine founded Nine healing vibes, a space for sound healing and other transformational practices advocating self-inquiry, self-knowledge, responsibility, and return to the source.

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