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One on Ones

How to Book your 1on1 Session?

Our Booking system this year is a first come first serve basis. In Order to gurantee your 1on1 booking, make sure, to pass by Our 1on1 Table on the festival grounds, at least 2 hours before your preferred booking time and pay, in order to confirm & Gurantee your spot. 

Once you pay your booking, it is confirmed, and is non refundable, you can gift it to a friend if you dont want it anymore. We have many offerings with very limited spots available, therefor we need to make sure, we make use of our time in an adequate manner. 

some teachers offer an option to tentatively prebook via what’s app - check their session description for their contacts.

-Time of Bookings-
Thursday bookings, can be paid thursday anytime starting 12PM. 
Friday bookings, can be paid starting thursday 2pm. 
Saturday bookings can be paid on Friday starting 8am.
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