What do I get for the day ticket?

- Access for Amina Taha class - Access to playground area & aerial arts area - Access to the opening and closing performances - Access to band music performances - Access to all talks - Access to all festival chilling areas for picnics - Give aways (goodie bag) - Access to a vegan bbq - Free fruits & healthy smoothies - Meeting like- minded people

Why should I attend?

- To meet like minded people - Being exposed and exploring new wellness practices, brands and performances and most importantly reconnecting with yourself.

How can I locate a certain speaker, food demo, vendor, or activity?

You can find a list of all speakers, food demonstrations, activity booths, bands, and vendors on our website or in the guidebook and map distributed at the entrance to the festival.

Are kids allowed?

Kids over 12 years are allowed. We have a "kids camp" running parallel to Raabta. You can drop of your child at, and pick him/ her when you’re done. You can purchase tickets on Raabta website.

Are pets allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed.

Do you provide accommodation or transportation?

We have partnered with Travista to offer different tiers of Accomodation. They can also organize flights if needed. Click here to book

Are there Cash Machines, ATMs, on site?

We have a cashless system. We have two “Top Up” booths to add money on your bracelets. Cards and cash are accepted.

What ages can attend the Raabta ?

All ages. Starting 12 years.

What to bring ?

Bring your yoga mats, blocks, comfy shoes, water bottles and a jacket. Weather is chilly in November plus we have PM classes. So, it tends to be colder at nights. Get a notebook and pen if you are attending any workshops.

What kind of work does a volunteer do?

Volunteers are the backbone that will ensure the 1st wellness festival in Egypt goes smoothly! We have a range of jobs mainly focusing on the operations of the event. These jobs include managing sponsors checking tickets, helping to manage spaces, schedules, ushering at the pop-up stations, organizing entries for the session, and the logistics for travelling as well as instructors…etc.

What do I get as a volunteer?

Besides being part of the 1st wellness festival in Egypt & the Middle East, you will get a free weekend pass which includes movement classes with Amina Taha, access to aerial arts, access to all talks, festival chilling areas for picnics, a bag of goodies, veggie night BBQ, free fruits & smoothies, transportation by buss, and accommodation in the Gouna dorms and most importantly, great likeminded people!

Will I be working all the time?

Nope! Shifts are from 6-8 hours only depending on the job.

Can I attend classes?

Yes! However not during working hours and the classes you can attend for free are only from the weekend pass, for one on ones, workshops, and other classes; you will have to pay for them.





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