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Location: Talk Zone

Time: Friday 3 - 4 PM

Health Coaches are wellness professionals who take a holistic approach to guiding clients towards health and happiness. They work through one-on-one clients counseling addressing all aspects of a client’s life (mental, emotional, physical, relational, financial and spiritual)Health coaches help clients create vibrant health by providing guidance and support to gradually improve their diet and lifestyle. We’re passionate about helping others realize and live up to their potential by using food and lifestyle to build a solid foundation for personal growth. Because we believe that many people are hitting invisible ceilings and that the right food fuels creativity. We believe eating right supports mental, emotional, and physical well-being, contributing to better relationships, consistent spiritual practice and fulfilling careers. It’s important to us because we believe it’s a simple way to address major stress and that the combination of very small changes make a huge difference without flipping someone’s life upside down. We will manifest this passion by focusing our coaching efforts on people who are open to new approaches and will experiment to find what works best for them. We will guide clients in stress and anxiety management because we want to teach people to channel their energy toward productive thoughts. We will focus on solutions and forward-thinking conversations. One thing that makes us different from a nutritionist or a dietician is we break food up into two categories, secondary food and primary food. Secondary food is mostly like meats, vegetables & grains, medication, and/or supplements. Primary food is your career, your spirituality, your physical activity, and your relationships. Whenever there is an imbalance in one, there is always an imbalance in the other. I am supporting clients to make step-by-step, easily integrated food and lifestyle choices.


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