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As for Hussein, he started practicing animal flow with "animalflow.incairo" 2 years ago, and now he is a certified AF specialist adding a variety of movement and mobility related topics to his classes.

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Location: Crown Platform

Time: Saturday 9 - 10:30 AM

Shaolin Quan is the root of Chinese martial arts. Shaolin Kung fu has been practiced for 1,500 years and it is one of the pillars of the Shaolin temple along with Chinese medicine and Zen meditation. In the classes, we will focus on ji ben gong 基本功 or basic exercises that combine a series of stretching exercises and stances that will help to improve the movement, coordination and the general physical condition. Also, we will learn some of the Taolu or Shaolin Style Forms that codify a series of situations of attack and defense that, as long as they do not pose a risk to the opponent, could be seen manifested in the "real fight".

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