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Location: Inca Shams Tent

Time: Saturday 9 - 11 AM

In the first MasterClass we unite the two poles of the feminine which have been separated over time: the 'Light Goddess of White Magic’, accessible through motherly and unconditional love, security, comfort and protection, and the forbidden 'Dark Goddess of Red Magic’, accessible through mystery, eros, initiation and truth. Female Initiates hold the secrets of Creation in their womb through experiencing inner union. In this MasterClass we start by first cutting from the false womb grids through a 'Womb Ceremony' and 'Declaration of Womb Sovereignty'.  Then, we journey into our body to face our core wounds: those blockages standing in our way to realize our infinite potential, fulfilment, abundance, health and happiness. Our explorations continue to unlock and unify the secrets of the Dark and Light Goddesses, by becoming aware of both its gifts and shadow aspects. We’ll finish the guided meditation by activating clear light and diamond light~codes from our womb~Heart~third eye connection.  In the second MasterClass, we create a 3 circled ⭕️ WOMB MANDALA ⭕️ (no physical mandalas), where we're becoming aware of the energies attached to our womb, working through imagery, conscious breath, honest self~reflection on our primary, secondary and hidden relationships, and energetic energy clearing.  The womb opens through right relationship and keeping our boundaries intact. Energies, people and relationships have a connection to our womb, but we may not be aware of these energetic attachments from our past, often including old lovers, deceased people, and even people who wish us no good (!) constantly draining our energy. In this MasterClass, we place our womb in the right relationships through creating a ⭕️ WOMB MANDALA ⭕️ by exploring the 4 directions, discovering our allies and our demons, clearing our womb, and reconnecting us back to our path of truth through creating a new ⭕️ WOMB MANDALA ⭕️  When the womb itself begins to open and blossom through our attention, power, breath and awareness, we start to dialogue with, and listen to, the womb’s voice. The 'Voice of the Womb' is a voice long forgotten, but once connected, it becomes our Inner Guru. This is more than the voice of our intuition; this is the voice of our feminine essence, where we birth and create from, the centre of our unique power. As the womb flowers, it starts to experience circulation of energy within itself, connecting the womb to the Heart. This is accompanied by a fundamental shift of perspective, when we become present to our hidden fears of true expression, core wounds and subtle contractions contained within our womb, our blissful base of power.  In the third MasterClass we first do Sacred Union tantric breathings in our central channel, then turn our womb into a black hole, releasing all pain and suffering from our individual and collective lives, birthing stars and finding answers to what reality we choose to create, and we finish with creating a spiral dance from our womb, supporting our new choices and realities.


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