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1. Bring your own yoga mats (if you don't we have an option for rental or you can buy from our wonderfull Raabta Mats. 


2. Bring yoga clothes, festival clothes, colorful clothes, things in your hair, loose pants, kimonos, funky fresh outfits. whatever represents you and makes you happy.  If you're not sure of what to wear don't worry,

We have awesome clothes vendors at the festival so be prepared to go shopping!! 


3. Remember we're on a farm! so please leave your fancy Shmancy shoes at home and bring comfortable footwear that you wouldn't mind getting a bit muddy or sandy.


4. Make sure to bring a light jacket or sweater because at night it gets CHILLY!


5. We have some blankets for you but we recommend you bring your own. We are selling some on the festival grounds.


6. Prepare to spend the full day at the festival, we have yummy food, interesting things happening all the time, great areas for picnics and hangouts so bring your full day gear. picnic blanket, books, musical instruments, board games, card games, a change of clothes (we have a changing room) and anything that you need to never leave the fish farm :).


7. Some sessions require you to cover your eyes, so if you have eye masks, a scarf or you can use the same blanket above.


8. We have lockers so don't worry about where to leave your things!


9. You can never have too much mosquito repellant at a farm! we will be giving you some from the beautiful Areej!


10. TOYS! Bring your Pois, your hula hoops, your jump ropes and slacklines. 


11. your own towels if you're attending massages or acupuncture sessions. We have outdoor showers if you want to bring a swimsuit and shower in the open.


12. Your good mood, good vibes and openness to everything new!



1. Outside food & drinks

2. Pets

3. Drugs or alcohol

4.  Anything flammable.

5. Bad vibes.

6. Cigarettes stay in the bags.

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