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Location: Workshop Zone

Time: Friday 1:30 - 3:30 PM

Staff Spinning Workshop:

Simply described, it is the practice of spinning a staff (or two) around the body in different directions to create a state of flow. However, there is a lot more to the art form. The workshop will cover the basics and gradually build on each move learned, increasing the complexity along the way. Through this practice you will strengthen your arms and hands, as well as improve hand eye coordination. As you practice your will power on the staff’s rotation you build an internal awareness and drawing of the external space around the body, how the staff can be moved in the different planes in relation to your center. 

The workshop flow will be:
Warming up the body along the three planes, with emphasis on the core, shoulders, arms, wrists and hands
Understanding the possible directions of motion according to your center
Newton’s laws of motion in relationship to the staff’s motion
Holding on and letting go

The moves and concepts that will be covered - always with both arms and both directions
3 different spins of the staff - easy, medium, and advanced - front, side, back, and overhead
One-handed forwards and backwards figure 8s (also sideways)
Stops and reverses
Forwards and backwards weave (two versions for each)
Turning the center - body and/or staff 
Foot positioning and weight shifting

More complex moves
Putting things together - around the world
Around the world, over and under
From weave to helicopter - smooth and with body deflection
Finger rolls
One arm throws
1/4 center spinning 

Stepping on and off beat - the staff’s rotation and the music
Matching speed of the staff to the music


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